2. Create an array cheat sheet

I've always wanted to make a cheat sheet for something, but felt like my design skills were too weak (to make it look good)

I found myself doing a lot of work on arrays in JavaScript for a particular project - and repeatedly googling a lot of the functions to achieve what I needed to do

I thought this would be a good excuse to make my first cheat sheet!

I enjoyed the process of creating it- and think I could improve it (after now finishing my first one!)

This project took much longer than expected, and I think I might come back to this in the future to update and improve it, but I have quite a few things going on right now - and other work I wanted to focus on more heavily

I have already done something kind of similar to this project where I link every high quality link that has been useful to me and I enjoy creating listicles of data to be useful to me (or others) later

To complete this was mostly just research on multiple JS doc sites, cross referencing to make sure I hadn't missed anything that was high-value/regularly used and then generating code snippets for the examples!

All of the links in the cheat sheet are clickable - so you can deep link straight to reading more in the MDN docs

Onto project three ✔️