5. Create an email newsletter

I have been sharing my progress on 30 projects publicly - and when I shared it with a friend in America he stated "If there was an email signup for 30-projects to receive updates via email I would totally put my email in there!"

That got me thinking it was a good idea 🤔 and would also be a good opportunity to learn more about email newsletter and marketing - and so the next project became how I could most easily create an email newsletter for 30 projects

Revue seemed like an awesome solution to do this (after Googling some competitors) - and after I set it up with all of my details, I only had two more steps to complete the project

  1. I needed to retrieve an API key from Revue to include it on the 30-projects site. To integrate with different platforms, you have to request access - as it just isn't given out to all users. I listed a few of my publicly accessible URL's of writing I'd done, and my personal site and it was granted!
  2. I wanted to also protect the email sign up link from spam or abuse with reCAPTCHA. The type of protection used is "invisible" - so that only suspicious traffic is forced to complete the challenge

Going forwards I do plan on sharing each new project with the email list if that is something that interests you, then you can sign up on 30-projects or directly on Revue

This project was more wiring things up than coding - but it was still fun, and I enjoyed integrating everything together!

Onto project six ✔️